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Original hovercraft manufacturer - MAD Hovercraft - hovercraft for sale

MAD Hovercraft - original hovercraft manufacturer two motor hovercraft hull Hovercraft lift motor Hovercraft engine monitoring instruments Hovercraft motor cover XL TwinSUPREME coming in 2018/19  XL stands for eXtra Large hovercraft in our range  MAD Hovercraft TwinSUPREME XL is 5 person hovercraft, able to transport up to 600 kg payload. Hovercraft has place for 5 adult persons + some extra gear. Twin stands for twin motors that are powering this hovercraft unit. Front motor 15 HP to 30 HP range (depending on need) is for the cushion, runs separate from the thrust motor at the rear part of a hovercraft.  Thrust motor is 65 HP - 105 HP range (depending on need).  SUPREME stands for supreme performance of our new hovercraft, that is already proven on previous model MAD-81L.  It is available as a turn-key and fully functional hovercraft delivered to your home, or in kit form - DYS, Do It Your Self. Hunting, fishing, surveying, crossing swift waters, lakes, rivers, rapids and recreational boating are among the most popular reasons to own a MAD hovercraft. Our craft will allow you to navigate through areas you never would have imagined you could go. Flying a hovercraft is a truly unique and one of a kind experience that every person should be able to enjoy.   Hovercraft review: TwinSUPREME XL hovercraft are based of MAD-81L platform. Technically there is no ‘hot water inventing’ with out new model. It is all about upgrading existing good one and bringing its potential to next level - SUPREME.   As first stage, MAD-81L Typhoon platform was modified in front part for lift motor installation and lift fan. Between the lift fan and pilot there is triple fibreglass wall to ensure safety.   Under the motor cover we can install various engines from 15 HP up to 30 HP power range to supply required cushion for your hovercraft.   Lift motor is closed in front part under the motor cover, that allows easy access for maintenance and repair. Motor can be started manually by pull, or by electric start (both options included). There is also wind shield installed to give some extra protection from water spray and wind, Hovercraft has 2x powerful lights installed in front.   High wall in front of the pilot and wind shield give a perfect protection from winds and water spray, as well offer space for engine monitoring instruments with some storage place for cell phone, documents,… It’s all on reach of your hand.  As well new XL model is about 75 cm longer as L model, and have 15 cm higher cockpit sides.   Modifications made from L Typhoon to XL TwinSUPREME: 1. Lift motor modification for 65 cm lift fan in front 2. Lift motor cover in front 3. Safety multi skin wall between lift motor and pilot 4. Wind shield  5. Higher sides of a hovercraft for about 15 cm  6. About 75 cm longer hull, can take 600 kg payload 7. New bigger thrust duct of 115 cm diameter  NOTE: XL TwinSUPREME hovercraft is new from our range, not in serial production yet. If you are interested in such hovercraft, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you more information how to get one in short time. Pre-orders for this model are welcome.   On the pictures above is L TwinSUPREME version for 3 person capacity. XL Twin SUPREME is larger version for 5 person capacity (picture with dimensions on top - real size hovercraft model). Thank you for understanding.

Hovercraft specification:

Hovercraft overall length: 4 m 80 cm Hovercraft width: 2 m 32 cm Lift motor diameter: 65 cm Thrust duct diameter: 115 cm Cockpit width: 120 cm Fuel tank capacity: 45 lit.  Cushion height: 27 cm Hovercraft total weight: 390 kg Hovercraft steering: 4 x aerodynamic rudders XL Inbuilt buoyancy: 400 liter - unsinkable hull Features: Strong & Flexible Composite Sandwich Hull - Fully Heavy Duty ‘Step-on’ Twin motors, one for lift one for thrust Unsinkable Hull Under Full Payload Reliable Gearbox Drive (No Belts, No Annoying Repairs) Marine Grade - Salt Water Approved! Low cost & Easy Maintenance Full Support & Spare Parts Always Available

Hovercraft engines:

We install ultra light and powerful aircraft engines of various manufacturers. Hovercraft motors are available in different powers and many options. Manufactures like Rotax BRP, Hirth, Simonini, Polini and Ruska Mehanika are world leading light aircraft engine manufacturers. They produce top quality motors witch are the ultimate choice for a light weight and high performance hovercraft. We will help you to chose the right motor for your hovercraft and your terrain.

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