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MAD-81L mosquito control
Typhoon MAD-81L spraying BTI bacteria to control mosquito population in swampy areas. BTI - Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis is a group of bacteria used as biological control agents for killing larvae in early stages. Bti produces toxins which are effective in killing various species of mosquitoes, fungus gnats, and black flies, while having almost no effect on other organisms. Indeed this is one of the major advantages of BTI in general is that they are thought to affect few non-target species. Applying of BTI with a hovercraft on most difficult terrain is very fast and efficient, kill of mosquito larvae is up to 98 % in matter of few hours after spraying. Hovercraft do not damage the vegetation where hovering. Hovercraft is 100 % environment friendly vehicle. This is the ultimate way how to kill numerous population of mosquito larvae on most biological way.
pictures & video page:
MAD-81s on lake with some vegetation
Tornado MAD-81s hovercraft flying the lake with some light vegetation. Hovercraft are environment friendly vehicle and do not damage the vegetation where they hover or injury animals in the water.
Typhoon MAD-81L Search & Rescue
Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft - ultimate amphibian search & rescue & patrol vehicle. Hovercraft is ultimate amphibian vehicle for firemen and water & ice rescue teams. Hovercraft is amphibian vehicle, it can operate on land and water, snow and ice. As well can operate on swift and shallow waters. Hovercraft is ideal to use during the flood season on flooded areas. Typhoon MAD-81L can operate in option 1 + 2 person and overload with limited performance 1 + 3 person on board. Check some pictures of www.pgd- litija.si hovercraft, that use our MAD-81L to patrol on swift river where boat is very difficult to operate.
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Hovercraft park Juraski
Large hovercraft rental park opens door in Estonia in 2013, operating on 24 ha large area with land and water. This is a dream land for every hovercrafter. Large area is spreading on 24 hectares of land including all types of terrains, flat surface as well ass hilly surface in combination with lakes. In winter snow and ice hovering, in summer times land and water hovering. At the moment there are 5 Tornado MAD-81s hovercraft available to rent and waiting for you to ride them. Juraski Park offers also covered tents with tables, catering and toilets. Park can accept smaller as well as larger groups of people. Contact person for the Juraski Park - Estonia mr. Vello Hinn mail: vello.hinn@gmail.com

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