Engine information:  Hovercraft engine  type: Rotax 503 aircraft motor  Motor power: 52 horse powers  Transmission type: Rotax gearbox E    Hovercraft information:  Hovercraft off cushion length: 4 m 20 cm / 13 ft. 9 in.  Hovercraft off cushion width: 2 m 30 cm / 7,6 ft.  Hovercraft off cushion height: 1 m 30 cm / 4 ft. 3 in.  Thrust duct dia: 90 cm / 2 ft. 11 1 in.  Cushion height: 25 cm / 10 in.   Hovercraft total weight: 250 kg (base option) - 300 kg  Hovercraft steering: 4 x aerodynamic rudders  Impeller: HasconWing 9 blade  Inbuilt buoyancy: 350 liter / 92,5 us gallons     Fuel tank capacity: 30 liter / 7.9 us gallons  Fuel consumption: 15-20 lit/h / 4-5.3 us gal/h   Performance information:  Hovercraft thrust (Rotax 503): 85 kg / 188 lbs  Max. recommended speed: 90 km/h / 56 mph  Max. recommender payload: 350 kg / 771 lbs  TOH - TIme to get Over the Hump after a water stop TOH - 1 person water start: 2-3 seconds  2 person water start: 2-4seconds  3 person water start: 3-5 seconds   
Rescue Hovercraft | MAD-81L hovercraft
Meet our Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft. This is our new 3-4 person high performance hovercraft designed for work, rescue or personal use – as you like it, as you need it! This is a new hovercraft model designed and developed in years 2008- 2009, now produced as serial model. Hovercraft is ideal for personal use as well as professional use (search & rescue & work) Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft is high performance machine: Supreme floatation when not hovering Very short time to get over hump after a water stop - we measure seconds to beat hump and hover again Highest thrust power to hovercraft weight ratio Complete heavy duty hull with accessories, but still ultra light, designed for ‘’step-on’’ and all accessories designed for ‘’grab- on’’ Fully aerodynamic rudders with flow stators results supreme agility of our Typhoon MAD-81L and more... Typhoon MAD-81L is a machine for professionals, where the highest quality, reliability and performance is ‘’must have’’.
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We install 2 stroke ultralight aircraft engines of different manufacturers (rotax, hirth, simonini,…)  as well 4 stroke SUBARU engines
Typhoon MAD-81L engine options
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Big boy’s toy, Simonini 105 HP MAD-81L hovercraft is producing  more than 265 lbs of static thrust power. Sample technical information for single motor craft Feuerwehr hovercraft - search and rescue hovercaft 3 person hovercraft climbing snow hill