Overall hovercraft ull length: 205 cm / 6,73 ft Overall hovercraft hull width: 120 cm / 3,94 ft Maximum hovercraft hull height: 68 cm / 2,23 ft Total weight: 53 kg (+/-3 kg) / 117 lbs (+/- 6,6 lbs) Fuel tank capacity: 3 liters / 0,8 us gallon Flotation: sandwich surf bottom, can not sink Min. recommended driver weight: 25 kg / 55 lbs Max. recommended driver weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs Max. recommended speed: 25km/h / 15,5 mph Required pilot equipment: helmet, life-jacket Note: Top speed of a hovercraft can be off course much higher than max. recommended speed is. As well top speed can be adjusted any time, with number and angle of impeller blades inside the duct.
KidCraft hovercraft

KIDcraft 2 is the real working hovercraft for kids 

The KidCraft 2 hovercraft is a fully amphibious air cushion vehicle designed and built especially for children ages 6 - 14 years or weighing up to 55 kg (121 lbs). It’s fully amphibious because vehicle can operate on land and water. And that’s not all, in winter time, it can operate on snow and ice. How about mud or grass? KidCraft 2 fly over muddy fields as well as any other surface you can imagine. It is the ultimate all terrain vehicle for your kid. Being easy to fly, fast to learn and safe to operate, KidCraft 2 is ideal for anything from hovercraft rentals, outdoor public events, to fun personal use. That’s not all! KidCraft 2 is available in a DIY (do it your self kit) for father - kid garage projects or as a turn-key and fully functional hovercraft. And yes - it is for boys and girls! It’s safe and it’s fun!  

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Hovercraft for kids

Powered by HIRTH-F36 engine or fully ELECTRIC!

made in Germany by HIRTH

Type: single-cylinder 2 stroke engine, Carburetor: diaphragm carburetor Displacement: 210 cm³ Max. power: 11 kW (14,9 HP) Cooling: With air flow Weight: 9,4 kg Starting device: recoil starter Optional: electric starter Hirth F36 has one of the highest power to weight ratio available on the 15 HP engine market. The F36 is an air cooled, piston controlled 1-cylinder- 2-stroke engine with diaphragm carburetor and Nikasil coated cylinder. The F-36 incorporates an Al-Nikasil coated cylinder for superior performance and reliability. Al-Nikasil in simple terms is a nickel based material, applied in a paste form; when super heated it becomes part of the cylinder itself. Al-Nikasil provides for a super low coefficient of friction, reducing total engine heat and allowing the piston and cylinder to expand at the same rate.

It’s the hovercraft that simply runs perfect!

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