o	81 stands for reliability of our hovercraft in most extreme conditions o	81 stands for supreme performance of our hovercraft that is equal to real racing hovercraft o	81 stands for safe operations of our hovercraft at high speed (no plug-in situations)

MAD-81 Hovercraft - what’s that?

MAD Hovercraft stands for M. A. Designed Hovercraft. Number 81 stands for the number our BUFO hovercraft had within 2008 World Hovercraft Championship races in Sweden (racing class Rotax 500). Racing the WHC and later EHC (Europe hovercraft championship). BUFO hovercraft proved its supreme performance and reliability of all our models and  design concepts, that were tested in the most extreme conditions - like hovercraft racing. BUFO Hovercraft was later racing on Europe hovercraft championship 2009 with no. 909 and Renato Presotto on board as pilot. BUFO hovercraft took 4th place, what is a great result considering BUFO had raced as serial personal hovercraft without any race modification of hull or engine. Fact is, that our BUFO hovercraft left many racing hovercraft behind, despite it is personal type of hovercraft and not a racing type of machine.

MAD Hovercraft use - universal hovercraft for your every need!

Our hovercraft are suitable for personal use (fishing, hunting, cursing,…), hovercraft racing, as well as for professional use (hovercraft rental, patrol, work, ice-water rescue, mosquito control,…) Please check our models for more information. Beside turn-key hovercraft we also offer hovercraft in KIT. Kits are available to home-builders for garage projects. We do our best to supply our costumer ordered parts and hovercraft in shortest time possible.  All our products are high quality fabricated, light in weight, strong in construction and top in performance when operating! We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our hovercraft and thank you for your time!
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MAD Hovercraft - who we are, what we do?

Since 2001 we design, develop and manufacture a wide range of light performance composite hovercraft of our own design and know how. Our hovercraft are suitable for many uses and we ship them worldwide! We run limited manufacture of air cushion vehicles, what is giving us a great advantage to offer our costumers supreme quality of our products as well adjusting each order to specific requirement of our costumerers.
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Original hovercraft manufacturer - MAD Hovercraft - hovercraft for sale

MAD Hovercraft - original hovercraft manufacturer