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Original hovercraft manufacturer - MAD Hovercraft - hovercraft for sale

MAD Hovercraft - original hovercraft manufacturer

MAD Hovercraft construction and quality

MAD hovercraft are fabricated as composites of vinyl ester reinforced glass fibres and AIREX. Construction type of our hovercraft is more close to aviation than standard hovercraft manufacture around the world. So called sandwich type construction that we use to build our machines, makes MAD hovercraft hull ultra light in weight and extremely strong in construction. Hulls of MAD Hovercraft are more durable and suitable for heavy duty use despite their light weight. AIREX is extremely light material with closed cells and don’t absorbs water like expanding PU foams that many manufacturers use. As well it is flexible, hi/low temperature resistant, UV resistant, etc. When AIREX is inbuilt in composite as core material, becomes a perfect combination of light weight, supreme strength and gives flotation advantages to a product. Composite build hovercraft are impossible to sink.

MAD hovercraft will take you everywhere - meet our hovercraft models:

o XS-Kidcraft2, 1 person hovercraft designed for kids & kids rental o S-Tornado F50, 2 person hovercraft ideal for personal use, racing as well as professional use, widely used in hovercraft rental business, rent a hovercraft. Option available in KIT form for home builders. o S-BUFOcraft, 2 person hovercraft same concept as S-Tornado F50 only it has crazy frog looking hovercraft design o L-Typhoon, 3-4 person hovercraft ideal for personal and professional use (search and rescue) o XL-TwinSUPRME, 5 person hovercraft powered with two separate motors (one for lift and one for thrust), ideal for personal or professional use (work and rescue) o Hovercraft KITs of all our models on order

MAD hovercraft are high performance hovercraft

MAD hovercraft performance is supreme and beyond compare to any factory build personal hovercraft you find on market. Powerful thrust is provided by modern two cycle aircraft engines in combination with our light weight composite hull construction results supreme performance that NO factory build hovercraft comes close to. Noise level of our hovercraft is low, since maximum tip speed is set to 122 - 125 m/s. Out-flow duct is clean with minimum turbulence, stators are optimized as well we use perfect aerodynamics rudders for steering that makes minimum turbulences and minimum power losses. Our ducts blow powerful, at very low noise level. Thrust makes specific sound you will hear only at our hovercraft. Our hovercraft flies different and our hovercraft sound different. Let’s take a look some facts what our MAD-81 series Hovercraft  simply CAN DO and why we call them high performance hovercraft.

Composite hull


MAD hovercraft hulls are fabricated as composites of vinyl ester reinforced fibres (optional carbon fibres) and AIREX panels. Composite hovercraft hull gives extreme strength at ultra light weight of product, flotation serial as well perfect flexibility of hulls at most extreme conditions.

Carbon AIREX


Optionally we fabricate supreme quality of composite on order, like carbon composite hovercraft hull. Top is a skin of carbon, middle (pink colour) is an AREX core, in bottom side again carbon skin. Such construction results upreme light hulls at supreme strength.

Over the limits

Testing the sample of MAD hovercraft hull construction to the limits. AIREX is flexible closed cell and light weight material. Composite of AIREX from our hulls can be exposed the most extreme mechanical conditions. You can bend it with extreme force, it wont brake (might cause some cracks on gel coat when force is over the limit) and will return back to its original position. It perfect absorbs mechanical shocks and impacts.

Heavy duty hulls

All our hulls we can mark as ‘’HEAVY DUTY’’ type when speaking of hull strength and durability as well ‘’ ULTRA LIGHT’’ when speaking of hovercraft hull weight. There are simply NONE ‘’NO STEP!’’ stickers on our hovercraft. Where is flat surface on hovercraft and place to step on - please DO step on as hard as you can. MAD hovercraft hull will not bend or brake.

Supreme flotation

All our hovercraft models you can use on open waters. When motor is off on the water, our hovercraft float as unsinkable surf. All our models have inbuilt ultra light closed cell AIREX foams for flotation. You can fill cockpit full of water and craft will not sink. With simple words - sinking our hovercraft is mission impossible.

Fibreglass AIREX


To give you the idea ‘’how it is made’’ here is transparent sample ‘’a cut out’’ of MAD Hovercraft hull. Top is a skin of fibreglass, middle (pink colour) is an AIREX core, in bottom side again fibreglass skin. So called ‘’sandwich’’ is in right combination of different materials extremely strong and ultra light in weight composite..

MAD Hovercraft DO

NOT plow

Our hovercraft have several unique solutions in hovercraft hull construction what makes them supreme in performance. One of them is what we call ‘’performance upgrade’’. Performance upgrade prevents the hovercraft to plow (to plugh). It is likely impossible to plow MAD-81 series hovercraft. Performance upgrade in front makes a hovercraft much more responsive and safe to operate on low throttle (cruising) as well as on full throttle.

SAFE at high


MAD hovercraft are safe at high speeds. Perfect cushion, powerful thrust, fully balanced hovercraft, and light weight construction are the ultimate right combination for supreme performance of hovercraft. Performance of our our hovercraft concept was proved in World Hovercraft Championship 2008 and Europe Hovercraft Championship 2009 hovercraft races, where we compete with BUFO hovercraft in class F50 and lag behind many racing hovercraft, despite we compete with serial hovercraft model for personal use without any modifications made for racing.

MAD Hovercraft DO


Our hovercraft CAN fly with ease on hilly type of surfaces. Our hovercraft CAN climb with ease. They are light and powerful in thrust, and hilly surface will not stop your rides, but will bring you  to new dimension of hovercrafting. Flying MAD Hovercraft is simply more than just gliding on flat and smooth surface.

MAD Hovercraft DO


While other hovercraft you find on market are meant mostly to glide on smooth and flat surface without ability to climb or pull, MAD hovercraft can do much more than that… MAD Hovercraf CAN pull a water skier out of water with ease. Now - have you seen something like that before? Our models CAN DO water-ski. Key is in high power to weight ratio - with other words… light composite hulls and powerful two stroke engine results supreme performance. Difference is really such great that simply can not be compared.

Supreme Agility

Supreme agility of our hovercraft and extremely strong ‘’side push’’ when steering left or right, is simply beyond compare. We focus on every single important detail that effects the thrust power and steering capability. Our steering rudders are made of composite, they extremely light and aerodynamic shaped with NO unnecessary edges that might cause turbulence - every turbulence is a loss of thrust power and cause of extra noise. Flow stators inside of duct optimize the flow in strong straighten thrust flow.

MAD Hovercraft

HUMPS in seconds

Our hovercraft DO FAST water starts. Beating the hump is just a mater of seconds. If you stop on water it will not take you longer than 2 to 6 seconds to beat a hump when making a start no matter the payload. Simply put on throttle and you are out of water and hovering again. TOH - time to get over the hump after a water stop with one person 2 seconds, with two person 3-4 seconds, and with 3 person on board takes only 4 - 6 seconds.