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We are happy to offer you our unique high performance hovercraft concept in various sizes and shapes. MAD-81 work&fun hovercraft we offer in 2 different sizes and 3 different shapes. No matter the model - high performance is what you get. Meet our hovercraft models MAD-81 series: o MAD-81s Tornado is 2 person hovercraft, ideal for personal use, racing as well as professional use, widely used in hovercraft rental business, rent a hovercraft. Option available in KIT form for home builders. o MAD-81L Typhoon 3-4 person hovercraft ideal for professional use as well as personal use, this is the hovercraft you can use for work as well as fun. It is your ultimate amphibian vehicle. o MAD-81 BUFOcraft hovercraft is same concept as MAD-81s only crazy frog looking design o KIDcraft 2 hovercraft - 1 person hovercraft for kids & kids rental
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We design and manufacture a wide range of high performance hovercrafts for many uses and ship them worldwide. o We manufacture personal hovercraft (1-2 person personal hovercraft for sale, 3-4 person personal hovercraft for sale) o We manufacture and offer hovercraft in kit form (1-2 person air cushion vehicle in kit for sale) o Race MAD - on order we fabricate high performance racing hovercraft hulls (costume orders only) o Professional work and rescue hovercraft available on order (3-4 person work and rescue hovercraft for sale) o We built real working hovercraft models for kids o Custom ordered hovercraft and hovering work platforms design and manufacture o Duct design of various sizes o and more...
We supply various hovercraft parts and ship them worldwide. o We supply hovercraft hull components of our own production (hovercraft hulls, hovercraft ducts, aerodynamic rudders, fan guards, etc) o We supply unique hovercraft hull accessories of our own production o We supply hovercraft fans from Hascon Wing o We supply supreme quality hovercraft skirt material CMS (synthetic rubber, in fact as Hypalon like) coated nylon or rip-stop polyester o We supply fly-on fly off hovercraft trailers for transporting hovercraft o and more... 
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Why a hovercraft?

Hovercraft is an air cushion vehicle, in other world languages known as:

Hovercraft, hovercrafts, hover craft, hover-craft, hover-crafts, aeroglisseur, aero-glisseur, aeroglisseurs (Aéroglisseur), Vznášedlo, Vznášedla, Vznášadlo, Vznášadla, Luftkissenfahrzeug, Aerodeslizador, Aéroglisseurs, Lochtkussenvoertuug, Luftputefartoy, Poduszkowiec, Pernopter, Hoverkraft, Air cushion vehicle, Svävare, Luftkissenfahrzeug, Luftkissenboot, Aeroglita boato, Skeertuig, Aerolliscador, Ilmatyynyalus, Luchtkessenreau, Aeroescorregador, Kapal bantalan udara

Welcome to MAD Hovercraft

We build light high performance hovercraft for personal and professional use. We fabricate and sell turnkey hovercraft of our own  design, we sell hovercraft kits and we supply all kinds of hovercraft parts.
Hovercraft are perfect vehicle for the floods and flash floods, hovercraft are perfect for the swamps with vegetation in water, hovercraft are perfect for swift and shallow waters as well as lakes, hovercraft are perfect for snow & ice areas, hovercraft are perfect for mud and ‘’live sand’’ areas, hovercraft are perfect for all type of hard terrain (grass, sand, asphalt...), hovercraft move land to water and water to land with same speed, hovercraft can go where other vehicles simply can not go. Hovercraft are fast and safe to operate, hovercraft in rescue service save peoples lives and help on places other boats or vehicles simply can not approach. Hovercraft is the ultimate amphibian vehicle on floods and flooded, water rescue, ice rescue,... Hovercraft are fully amphibian air cushion vehicles, that hover on cushion of air about 20 cm above the ground surface or a water surface. Hovercraft are 100 % environment friendly vehicles. Hovercraft do not damage the vegetation where they hover. Hovercraft leave no tracks behind. Hovercraft make no waves like a boat.
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